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Noir at the Bar---Banded Brewing Co.

  • Banded Brewing Co. 32 Main St Biddeford, ME (map)
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Maine Writers Treat You to a ‘Peeerfect’ Sunday afternoon! Listen to thirteen writers share enticing bits of their thrillers and mysteries. Sip craft brews.(Beelzebubbles and Swarm should fit the mood.) 

Enter a free raffle and win a large basket of signed authors’ books. (Great for gifts!)

Author Barbara Ross explains the appeal. “We thriller and mystery mystery authors are mild-mannered, lovely people.We help you shovel your driveways and take care of your cats while you’re away. You’d never guess we have a flair for mayhem until we read you a bit of it. We’ve got seaweed-snarled bodies pulled up by fishermen, trees dropped on best friends,a charred corpse under a clambake grate, a world-class assassin who dispatches other assassins—and lots more of that kind of thing.”

Asked why Maine has so many successful and prolific crime and mystery authors, Sandra Neily thinks it’s a combination of ideal settings and a fairly safe environment. “Maine is just chock full of dramatic and varied locations that allow us to pull readers deeply into a story. We also have a reputation as a pretty safe state so perhaps our readers can dive into the literature of what’s not safe …  with a kind of curious freedom.”

This year Noir at the Bar has moved its yearly event to Banded Brewing Company in Biddeford. There’s a good view of the brewing tanks, inspired bakery treats (like Buffalo Chicken Croissants), or the opportunity to bring in pizza from Portland Pie, next door.

As a teaser, here’s a mash-up of bits from six of the thirteen Noir at the Bar authors. Do join us for more!

The mountains, the thick woods and unforgiving terrain, had taken Lydia’s life. As they were easing the stretcher back into the ambulance, a wail erupted from the other side of the fence. Byron steered his mind back to the floater. What would it be this time: young, old, male, female?  

Death was not something the six men talked about -- instead they used phrases like 'the job' or 'the assignment.” “Dead weight is the worst.” 

“A dog might find more carcasses. Just don’t let him chew on what he finds.”