Share Deadly Trespass for the holidays! Give a free Kindle copy, or gift a wrapped and signed copy of the book.

Give a Free Kindle copy of Deadly Trespass this holiday season! Simply fill out the form and click “Submit.”

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Or, share a gift-wrapped and signed copy of the Deadly Trespass book with someone special. 

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Wrapped in wolf-themed paper, the book comes to you, or directly to the person receiving your gift.

1. Please mail me your name, mailing address, and $20.  (Please print clearly.)

2. Or mail me your name, as well as the name and address of the recipient, $20, and a brief message I can add to the card attached to the package. (Please print clearly.)

Send to: Sandra Neily, 58 Greenleaf Rd. Westport Island ME 04578. (Checks made out to me. Thanks!)