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Deadly Trespass CoverIn Deadly Trespass, Cassandra Patton Conover is about to become an outlaw. AWOL from a lobbying career where she collects enemies not votes, she hibernates in a cabin with her wayward dog Pock, covering mirrors to hide her aging face

In deep woods behind gates with No Trespassing signs, she finds tracks bigger than any animal she knows, but loses her dog. She finds him cowering over her dead best friend who lies crushed under a tree. Before she can absorb her loss, Patton is hired to guide a surly reporter who suspects extinct wolves have returned to Maine.

The forest has too many agendas: a billionaire who imports wolves as a save-the-forest strategy; a timber company eager to exterminate the pack and protect its profits, a land trust executive planning a career upgrade over wolf carcasses, a game warden loyal to his Penobscot tribe and his attraction to Patton, and a black ops mercenary who rips open Patton’s wounded life.

When wild, gold wolf eyes issue a challenge at her tent door, Patton is drawn deeper into Shannon’s mysterious murder and the wolves’ fate. To find the killer, she must find the pack. How could she know that to find herself, she must choose an outlaw path?

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